“Once you choose hope, anything's possible.”

-Christopher Reeve

About Us

Row for Hope, and all that we strive to accomplish, is dedicated to the memory of Katherine Raub Ridley. A passionate and devoted champion of worthy causes, Kathie’s life and works centered around her family, her commitment to historic preservation, her energetic pursuit of a host of interests and hobbies, and her faith. Kathie Ridley taught her children to love boundlessly, believe steadfastly, and to work tirelessly for positive change in the world. She instilled in them a sense that nothing is impossible, and that nothing they did with passionate dedication could fail. Row for Hope  is Joy and Paul’s thank-you gift to Kathie, and their unwavering effort to spare other families from similar loss.


At the core of Row for Hope is a talented Board of Directors:


Charles Huthmaker

Brian Nathanson

Penny Nathanson

Regina Regazzi

Paul Ridley

Joy Ridley

Erik Swenson

Elizabeth Tomic



“Excellence can be obtained if you:
    ...care more than others think is wise;
    ...risk more than others think is safe;
    ...dream more than others think is practical;
    ...expect more than others think is possible.”
  - Anonymous


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